The Market Boss strategy builder
The Market Boss Specializes In Options, Futures, Crypto, Equities, Commodities, Currencies, and Stock Market Indexes, utilizing multiple market crushing blends of algorithmic technical indicators designed to generate alpha.
  • The Market Boss Course And Indicator

  • Market Boss Training Course
  • Market Boss Strategy Builder
  • Market Boss Indicator
  • Specialized Trading Strategy
  • Trade Direction
  • Automated Trading
  • Ability to Backtest
  • Setup On Clients Computer
  • Setup TradingView
  • Makes Live Simulated Trades
  • Makes Live Trades
  • Type of Support Offered
  • Includes Updates
  • Customization of Algorithm
  • Limited Lifetime Offer
  • Market BossLifetime

  • $180.00One-Time Fee$576.00

  • Yes
    Market Boss Training Course
  • Yes
    Market Boss Strategy Builder
  • Yes
    Market Boss Indicator
  • Yes
    Specialized Trading Strategy
  • Systematic Long & Short
    Trade Direction
  • Yes
    Automated Trading
  • Yes
    Ability to Backtest
  • No
    Setup On Clients Computer
  • No
    Setup TradingView
  • Yes
    Makes Live Simulated Trades
  • Yes
    Makes Live Trades
  • Email
    Type of Support Offered
  • Yes
    Includes Updates
  • No
    Customization of Algorithm
Alpha is achieved through an actively managed quantitative strategy which you the trader, analyst, or fund manager attain through your advantage over other fund mangers, analysts or traders by using our proprietary blend of algorithmic technical indicators!
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  • Lifetime Updates Included
  • Add to any ticker, time frame, or bar type
  • Specify trading times
  • Specify two trading session times
  • Ability to back test signal to signal
  • Set-up and receive alerts on all your devices
  • Prints on the current bar in real time
  • DOES NOT repaint several bars after the fact

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Charting Platform Do I Need?

A: We currently use Trading View as our charting platform.

Q: Do I need A Paid Trading View Plan?

A: You do not need a paid Trading View plan to use our The Market Boss however we do recommend you have a Pro plan to utilize multiple alerts.

To sign up for Trading View visit this link: Sign Up For Free